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Sirius Theme Brief Description

20 7月 Sirius Theme Brief Description

Sirius Theme Vision

Sirius Theme is a brand new Furniture Store Responsive Shopify Theme specially designed for selling Furnitures as well as top fashion items. but the theme can also be ideal for fashion, watches, jewelry and so many more. Sirius theme is 100% responsive with a clean, urban, somehow vintage and simple yet still very creative look that might please the eye of our most demanding clients. It comes loaded with features to make your site stand out from the rest and to allow you to start selling online!


What Sirius Theme Solve?

There are issues Sirius Theme solve:

  1. Instagram like Phone Wall: But need to link to product in shop instead of go to Instagram
  2. A Top Image Slides with a full screen best fit showing a whole image of a home or an event
  3. Top fixed Header that can be sticked while scrolling
  4. A very flexible product list side filtering bar(without Shopify app) to filtering products
  5. Size chart image for different Collections


The Opportunity Sirius Brings 

The new Sirius theme can enhance the brand images to customer who is going to buy furnitures, fashion items. With the new Sirius theme, the site conservation and page staying time will be increased obviously.

It is no doubt that Sirius theme is fitting for merchants that own brands, as it is designed for that nature: Simplified, Clean,Connotation which we believe it is all great brands are seeking for.


The Sirius Solution

Sirius knows how branding sites are thinking, thus what sirius providing is proven fitting for how brand’s boss thinking about it. The solutions includes:

  1. Highly desktop and mobile responsive
  2. Large top image slides as background
  3. Fixed Header for easy navigation
  4. Instagram like phone walls
  5. Hover-eye like collection show
  6. Free Product Filtering Sidebar
  7. Configurable Size chart for collections


The Sirius Team

Sirius is made by which has 12 developers, in which:

2 Project managers

2 designers

5 backend developers

3 frontend developers


Thanks for your choosing Sirius as your starts to do business.



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